Information about Shrent™


Shrent was created to bring people together while making life more efficient and profitable for all.

Shrent was born in 2020 when a first-time homeowner started remodeling her house and needed a pressure washer. She then needed a special drill, and then a ladder. There was no point in buying this stuff because she’d only use it once, and there was no quick and easy way for her to rent it that didn’t involve going to a giant home improvement store, wasting the precious time she had set aside for this project. Her neighbor, on the other hand, had all the stuff she needed just sitting in his garage, begging to get used. She thought, “what if I can borrow it, just for the weekend?”, and so Shrent was born.
Since then, the need for a platform of Shrent has become more and more apparent. Handymen can expand their services by having access to more tools. Landscaping companies can benefit from having access to extra equipment like lawn mowers and weed eaters when completing a bigger-than-normal job, or vice versa leverage their idle assets when business is slow. Vacationers can rent extra beach chairs, bikes, golf carts, etc.… The use cases are endless.

Why Shrent?

Shrent is a tool for everyone. Shrent helps people rent equipment online in a cheaper more efficient way by helping equipment owners make money off their idle equipment. We all have equipment we need from time-to-time –whether it’s a lawn mower, power drill or pressure washer – and we all own equipment that we can maximize by putting it up for rent when we don’t use it. Shrent makes it possible for you to do both. It’s a platform that saves you time, money and space, and a platform that builds community ties while minimizing our waste.

How can Shrent help me save money?

Renting equipment can save you a lot of money, and it is often much easier than you might expect. From lawn mowers for your garden to pressure washers for home cleaning, equipment rental is perfect for those one-time projects when you don’t have the equipment that you need. Not only that, but if you are throwing a party — equipment rental provides an economical option for chairs, tables and decorations without the long-term commitment of buying such things outright. Equipment rental gives you access to the equipment you need in a cost-effective way, enabling you to do jobs or throw a fabulous event with ease. Equipment rental saves you time, money and space in your home or garage. 

How can Shrent help me make money?

Did you know that the average household owns 300,000 items? How many of those items are you using on a regular basis? Instead of letting them sit around your home to collect dust, why not put them to work for you? If you have equipment such as lawn mowers, pressure washers, sporting goods, party rental equipment, and other items that are in good working condition, there’s no reason not to put them to work for you. It’s an easy way for anyone to make some extra cash without investing time or money upfront. Shrent connects you directly with neighbors looking to rent those items.