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We are an online community that connects neighbors so they can share and rent household items to one another. It's good for you, it's good for your pocket, it's good for the planet.

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A marketplace where neighbors can rent items to one another


To share + rent equipment in your neighborhood

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"I recently rented a tool kit from Shrent, and it was a game-changer for my DIY project. The process was so simple and convenient. The tool kit had everything I needed, and it was in excellent condition. Not only did I save money by not having to buy the tools, but I also saved space in my garage. Shrent made my project a breeze, and I'll definitely be renting from them again!" - Alex, Shrenter

"Shrent not only helped me declutter but also provided an opportunity to earn extra money by renting out these items. The process was seamless, and I had full control over the rental terms and pricing. I free up space, help others, and earn money all at once. If you have unused items lying around, I highly recommend listing them on Shrent. It's an easy way to declutter, earn money, and be part of a sharing economy." - Laura, Shrenter

“I have a ton of tools, equipment, and party supplies lying around my house that I only use occasionally. It used to feel like a waste to just let them sit there collecting dust, but then I discovered Shrent. Now, I can rent out my equipment for some extra cash when I'm not using them. Plus, I love the community aspect of it - it feels like I'm helping out my neighbors and reducing waste by giving people access to things they need without having to buy them outright." - Tim, Shrenter

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